For all sweet lovers, no matter the age or event, everyone loves a sweet cart. This sweet cart is 100% hand made by our handy craftsman here at CEH, always a crowd favorite for event. Prior to the sweet cart being hired, a list of sweets will be given to the customer. We source and find the sweets you like, in which will be prepared and included along with the sweet cart on the day using glass sweet jars. Standard sweet bags are included with the sweet cart. However if there is a prefered choice of sweet bag that catches your eye, let us know and we can makes this happen for you. 10kg of sweets is included in the standard price of the sweet cart, the standard price (as listed below) will increase if more than 10kg of sweets is chosen.


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Package Contents Price
Sweet Cart Package

Hand Made Sweet Cart, Choice Of Any Sweets (up to 10kg), Sweet Jars & Small Paper Bags

£250.00 £200.00


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Item Contents Price

100% Wooden Post Box With Any Coloured Sash inc

£30.00 £25.00

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